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why are aluminum bats banned from mlb

Why are aluminum bats banned from MLB? When his HRs have a exit velocity now of over 100 MPH, how much more would it be with aluminum? Nevertheless, some college coaches are willing to experiment with the … 123dan321, Royalty Free, via sxc.hu. As Victor Frankenstein can attest, sometimes technology oversteps its bounds. "Any idiot can see that the ball jumps off an aluminum bat faster than off of a wooden bat," said Jim Morris, head baseball coach at the University of Miami. The bat must be a single piece, solid, wooden stick no more than two and a quarter inches in diameter at the thickest point of the bat and no more than 42 inches total in length. The Controversy. No. Because the ball exits the aluminum bat with a higher velocity than would a ball from a wooden bat, there is naturally a greater danger of injury to defensive players. All of professional baseball uses wood bats, and for good reason. Long story short, aluminum baseball bats would become more and more effective even up until now. The use of aluminum bats should be banned in college sports as well as high school. Also, hybrid bats are still legal in College baseball (bats with composite handles and alloy barrels). If bats were lighter, players would be able to swing with a greater force than they are able to with wooden bats, making it easier for professional players to hit a pitch. NOTE: This is a ban in college baseball only, composite bats are still legal in High School down through T-ball for now. The recent nearly fatal injury of a 16-year-old baseball … Material. I wouldn’t want to think of guys like Aaron Judge swinging aluminum bats. Major League Baseball Regulations on Bats According to the official MLB rules and regulations concerning bats, there are several stipulations that must be adhered to. It was significantly narrowed from a previous measure also brought by freedom-hater James S. Oddo (R-Staten Island) which would have banned aluminum bats from virtually any baseball game anywhere in the city. Most wooden bats are made from ash; other woods include maple, hickory, and bamboo.Hickory has fallen into disfavor over its greater weight, which slows down bat speed, while maple bats gained popularity following the introduction of the first major league sanctioned model in 1997. A governing body for high school baseball in Northern California says aluminum bats are still OK for now. Aluminum bats aren't any more "banned" from pro baseball than a tennis ball for the ball or rocks for bases. Aluminum bats would be much too light for Major League Baseball. Materials and manufacture. A 2020 Louisville Slugger baseball bat model has been banned in high school and collegiate play. On Feb. 21, the NCAA sent out an email to coaches and athletic directors to … The players are stronger and can hit at dangerous levels. The Patch’s case against “Louisville Slugger” was that their son had no time to react to the ball because it came off their aluminum bat too fast. The measure bans the use of aluminum bats in high school baseball games. "Sir, we're going to need more Unobtainium for this new line of bats." As for arguments that aluminum and composite bats are inherently dangerous, that isn't true. The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved the NCAA Baseball Rules Committee's recommendation to remove, at least temporarily, composite bats from NCAA competition. There is nothing stopping the manufacturers from making heavier bats, smaller sweet spots, or using materials that are less lively. Baseball bats are made of either wood or a metal alloy (typically aluminum). Using aluminum bats can save a colege team more than $10,000 per year.

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