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ngk spark plug condition chart

k This is often caused by over advanced ignition, timing, poor engine cooling system efficiency (scale, stoppages, low level), a very lean air/fuel mixture, or a leaking intake manifold. Image Racing Spark Plugs 14mm Spark Plugs (cont.) This is a simple re-hash of that with mostly the same text as the original from Autolite. By examining the insulator firing nose color, an experienced engine tuner can determine a great deal about the engine’s overall operating condition. Spark Plug – How Do I Read My Spark Plug Condition – What They Tell You 1. Spark plug heat range is too cold for the operating conditions. Those formed at 370-470°C (700-790°F) have the greatest influence on lead resistance. With a full line of spark plugs, coils, and wire sets, NGK covers 95% of import and domestic vehicles on the market. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk. Serves as a lighter to ignite the air/fuel mixture under extreme conditions. �+.Θ �Eq ����3Ѕ�������t�K� ��| endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 62 0 obj <>stream Sensor Parts The world’s largest OE oxygen sensor manufacturer now offers a full line of premium technical sensors for the aftermarket, featuring more than 6,800 SKUs. The NGK spark plug finder helps find the right spark plug via the NGK spark plug codes. As a result, the spark plug is functioning optimally. The ionized gas becomes a conductor and allow electrons to flow across the gap. Spark plug heat range is the measure of how fast the spark plug tip dissipates combustion heat. Don't just ask for a spark plug, insist on NGK. Battery - Electrical. Be the first to know about sales and promotions Products. Modifications. Normal rates of gap growth are as follows: Four-Stroke Engines: 0.01~0.02 mm/1,000 km (0.00063~0.000126 inches/1,000 miles) Two-Stroke Engines: 0.02~0.04 mm/1,000 km (0.000126~0.00252 inches/1,000 miles). Normal spark plug To read a spark plug and assess engine troubles, you first have to remove it. ... do get a new set of Autolite plugs. If the deposits are wet, it can be an indication of a breached head gasket, poor oil control from ring or valvetrain problems or an extremely rich condition—depending on the nature of the liquid present at the firing tip. Suspension. compare NGK spark plugs with Champion, AC, Denso, Bosch, KLG and Auto-lite Spark plug comparison chart This site uses cookies to help us provide quality services. Stock No. Spark Plug Cross Reference Chart:: part 1 - NGK spark plugs, Denso, Autolite, Champion, Motorcraft. Recommendations: When new spark plugs are installed, replace with plugs of the same heat range. This cannot be detected by a resistance tester at room temperature. A clean, white insulator firing tip and/or excessive electrode erosion indicates this spark plug condition. Dry: Black Soot Buildup . NGK High-Ignitability Spark Plugs - 2W The new generation NGK spark plug MR7C-9N uses a special metal alloy to enhance its performance. ɏ�}`Q����Ь�U�w��?�I8��}:`���n�`愷���1����a@�q4�r/ye��)y�g��ӡG���lE��!V��%�(@��R,�k���S3�fّ��Ј�/�y�#����r��>(�����:�qkx� K�PL������~f�Ͷ��O =�. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. and material, plugs produced by various manufacturers do not have exactly the same heat range. The accumulation of deposits on the firing end is influenced by oil leakage, fuel quality and the engine’s operating duration. .d�-E“-����~����n��R�m'h� �f�_����l(E��b�ֲ�*��4:b�`�2�L^��-nH���FS~�� 7��!���$�ҡ�r� �m��q�a��E�&����>㯼8� e����n�|�P��G4��7�%�d��N��M�s endstream endobj 12 0 obj <>>>/Filter/Standard/Length 128/O(y�1��+�F��̑��Κmf�4�|��4)/P -1340/R 4/StmF/StdCF/StrF/StdCF/U(8��=�4���]�Z�9� )/V 4>> endobj 13 0 obj <>>> endobj 14 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 15 0 obj <>stream This applies to standard copper and platinum plugs. NGK Glow Plugs All NGK Glow Plugs are manufactured to the highest level of quality to ensure quick and consistent starts. It, combined with other parts, contributes upto 11% fuel efficiency* in the Honda Activa HET engines. Dry and Wet Fouling. The following symptoms or conditions may have an … We are not NGK Spark Plugs USA. NGK.com specializes in hard to find NGK products. Below is a list of some of the possible external influences on a spark plug’s operating temperatures. NGK Spark Plug Specification Chart 60 Spark plug charts are sorted by thread size, thread reach, hex size. %PDF-1.6 %���� NGK Spark Plugs Denso Spark Plugs Champion Spark Plugs Bosch Spark Plugs and E3 Spark Plugs for automotive, motorcycle, marine, truck and lawn and garden applications. You will likely see one of the following conditions. NGK Racing NGK Standard Part No. (Engine temperature can affect the spark plug’s operating temperature, but not the spark plug’s heat range). Spark Plug Color Chart - Reading Your Plugs ... NGK, and other on how to read the color and condition of your spark plugs. In general, a light tan/gray color tells you that the spark plug is operating at optimum temperature and that the engine is in good condition. Carburators. Bosch and AC-Delco. There are additional decodes available for NGK US specification plugs. Have you ever wondered how to "read" a spark plug? As mentioned I run Autolite Racing Plugs with cut back electrodes as well as NGK plugs. Normal Symptoms: Brown to greyish-tan colour and slight electrode wear. Normal Condition. Breakage is usually caused by thermal expansion and thermal shock due to sudden heating or cooling. This video describes in detail the best process to examine a spark plug and assess its condition. Typical lead erosion causes the surface of the ground electrode to become thinner, and the tip of the electrode looks as if it has been chipped. **Please note that the service life is provided as a general guide and may vary due to vehicle driving conditions. When a spark plug overheats, deposits that have accumulated on the insulator tip melt and give the insulator tip a glazed or glossy appearance. Plug images are located on the opposite page. 11 0 obj <> endobj 37 0 obj <>/Encrypt 12 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8EC06C7D21E64D978D23EB7C6BFBFA40><817B128E3C1B443BAFB54C14BF48AB3D>]/Index[11 52]/Info 10 0 R/Length 117/Prev 222916/Root 13 0 R/Size 63/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Champion Symbol Code. Riding. Home: XS11 Info. If the firing end of a spark plug is brown or light gray, the condition can be judged to be good and the spark plug is functioning optimally. The melting point of nickel alloy is 1,200~1,300°C (2,200~2,400°F). Signs of fouling or excessive heat must be traced quickly to prevent further deterioration of performance and possible engine damage. Image Part No. NGK G-Power Platinum alloy spark plugs uniquely shaped ground electrode & platinum alloy center electrode reduces the wear rate of the electrode than conventional plug and hence gives longer life. Lead compounds combine at different temperatures. If the firing end of a spark plug is brown or light gray, the condition can be judged to be good and the spark plug is functioning optimally. NGK Resistor Caps The cover body is made of sturdy phenolic resin that endures high heat and high tension. Heat Range: Heat Range = Ground Strap, the ground strap indicates the heat-range of the spark plug.If the "color" of the ground strap "changes" too close to the ground strap's end, (which is above the center electrode), then the heat-range is "too cold" , meaning that the strap is losing heat too quickly to the base ring, and is not able to burn off deposits until near its end. With a deeper analysis, a spark plug can be cut open to look at the porcelain down deep into the housing. The spark plug Cross references are for general reference only. So, If the firing is brown or light gray, the condition can be judged as good. To contact them, click here. The first step is removing the spark plug you want to look at. The surface of the electrodes is also fretted and rough. NGK Spark Plug Numbering System ... View full size version of NGK premium plug numbering chart. Air/fuel mixture is too rich, the carburetor settings are incorrect. This condition is ideal, the spark plug and engine air/fuel mixture are operating properly. 2. Dry and Wet Fouling Although there are many different cases, if the insulation resistance between the center electrode and the shell is over 10 ohms, the engine can be started normally. Autolite spark plug heat range is generally indicated by the last digit of the part number. Oil - Lubrication. An engine’s condition can be judged by the appearance of the spark plug’s firing end. Repairs. This video describes in detail the best process to examine a spark plug and assess its condition. Being able to “read” a spark plug can be a valuable tuning aid. An IATF 16949:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified, An ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified Co. Although there are many different cases, if the insulation resistance between the center electrode and the shell is over 10 ohms, the engine can be started normally. Look at end of the spark plug that was in the cylinder and examine it. The world leader in spark plug technology for over 80 years. Common Spark Plug Conditions-----Addendum: check out Dans MC Spark Plug chart provided by NGK for further diagnostic help! Intro Table of Contents KTM Spark Plug Fitment Chart ManufacturerModelStandard PlugIridium PlugElectrode GapKTM1050 ADVENTUREOuter LMAR7DI-10Inner LKAR9BI-101.0 MMKTM1090 ADVENTURE (EURO 4)Inner LKAR9BI-10Outer LMAR7DI-101.0 MMKTM1090 ADVENTURE R (EURO 4)Inner LKAR9BI-10Outer LMAR7DI-101.0 MMKTM1190 ADVENTURENGK Inner LKAR9BI9NGK Outer … NGK SPARK PLUGS - MOTORCYCLE APPLICATIONS cc Model Year Regular Premium Plug Gap cc Model Year Regular Premium Plug Gap 490 YZ490 88-90 BR8ES BR8EIX 0.032 490 YZ490 82-87 --- BR8EIX 0.024 500 SC500 73-74 BR8ES BR8EIX 0.024 500 SR500 80-81 BPR6ES BPR6EIX 0.032 500 SR500 78-79 BPR7ES BPR7EIX 0.032 500 TT500 76-81 BPR7ES BPR7EIX 0.032 It is possible, with care, to decode the construction of Champion sparkplugs. Correct heat range for engine and operating conditions. Part# NGK STK # NGK # Comp. Lead erosion is caused by lead compounds in the gasoline which react chemically with the material of the electrodes (nickel alloy) as high temperatures; crystal of nickel alloy fall off because of the lead compounds permeating and separating the grain boundary of the nickel alloy. 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Hassle-Free Returns Awesome Customer Service 888-800-9629 Join our newsletter. Below is NGK's spark plug part number decode. Mostly, the electrode surface is rather lustrous and uneven. Abnormal electrode erosion is caused by the effects of corrosion, oxidation and reaction with lead—all resulting in abnormal gap growth. Our technical support is an integral part of the many services we provide. NGK SPARK PLUG prides itself on providing cutting-edge products, first-class expertise and technical know-how related to spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils and leads, oxygen, temperature, NOx and MAP/MAF sensors. Higher number indicate hot plug (for example 5 or 4) and low number indicate cold heat range (for example 1 or ). On a new spark plug, it starts out white. Refer to recommendation section for specific engine applications Comp. Use a spark plug wrench with an extender. Hotter plugs are listed above the colder plugs. Tech Tips. Engine. Dark coloring, such as heavy black wet or dry deposits, can indicate an overly rich condition, too cold a heat range spark plug, a possible vacuum leak, low compression, overly retarded timing or too large a plug gap. Spark plugs usually require voltage in excess of 20,000 volts to 'fire' properly. Standard style Spark Plug *NGK Spark Plugs are designed to OEM requirements and as such, a variant of each of the above styles may not be available as it may not be an OEM requirement. The material of the electrodes has oxidized, and when the oxidation is heavy, it will be green on the surface. Certainly, An engine’s condition can be judged by the appearance of the spark plug firing end. Leading in the automotive industry, NGK spark plugs are available for virtually every type of engine – cars, motorcycles, marine applications, small engines, and power tools. Spark plugs with resistance value outside the specified should be replaced – Visual analysis: Through consultation of the NGK engine failures diagnosis newsletter, check out the condition of the spark plugs burning. Part# NGK STK # NGK # Comp. Follow these instructions on how to remove a spark plug. Melting is caused by overheating. Lead fouling usually appears as yellowish brown deposits on the insulator nose. With help from the spark plug experts at NGK, we’ll teach you how to diagnose minor tuning issues or potentially major engine problems by examining your spark plugs.Check out the images below, courtesy of NGK Spark Plugs, and get ready to do a little light reading the next time you pull your spark plugs.. Normal. Maintenance. Because the spark plug is inside the engine and is the only easily removable part it can be used as an indicator to the state of tune and condition … Stock No. A worn spark plug not only wastes fuel but also strains the whole ignition system because the expanded gap (due to erosion) requires higher voltages. Take the spark plug in your hand and begin looking at it for signs of damage. Ignition system problems causing a weak or intermittent spark. Finish. If the insulation resistance drops to 0 ohms, the firing end is fouled by either wet or dry carbon. < Prev Next > Main Menu. Once you get the socket over the spark plug, place your hand over the head of the wrench, grasping the head firmly and pull the handle, hitting it … Brakes. Part# NGK STK # NGK # 44 3510 B6S 41-963 7740 PTR5C-13 45FFS 6222 BPR5HS 45 3210 B4 41-965 2467 PTR5A-13 45L 3112 B4L After a test run, the spark plug can be examined with the naked eye or under a magnifying glass for minute particles, cracking, or surface bubbling. h�bbd```b``�"��H�D0�D�^�L�`RD�=�,iH�`]����XWXM�� �dg��`[R@$w��{

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