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furnace turns on when thermostat is off

This problem would indicate that the thermostat is still requesting more heat. Most common story with many goes like this, initially the furnace would turn on, go on till the temperature are met according to the thermostat. If your furnace fan won’t turn off, you most likely have one of these 3 problems: Your furnace fan limit switch is set to “manual override” It’s a good idea to turn this setting OFF when you’re not around. Talk with us about the best thermostats and the most efficient placement. If you furnace filter is clogged, the airflow will be restricted. If your furnace wont shut off and you’re worried, don’t panic. When your thermostat says one temperature and you know the room is another, it may be dirty, tilted on the wall, or located where it can’t get a proper reading. When the furnace will not turn on with thermostat, make sure you get these things checked. Well, that’s not normal. This is not normal behavior and the problem is unlikely to clear up on its own. Your fan limit switch is located directly under your furnace hood and controls when your furnace blower turns on and off. This means the furnace blower is pushing out air, whether it’s heated or not, through the vents 24/7. If you call for cooling, furnace should engage since we swap the wires. The blower will also turn on with the thermostat in Fan AUTO, or in COOL mode with the set point above the actual room temperature. If your furnace turns off after a few minutes, there is a good chance it is caused by a faulty or dirty flame sensor. The first thing you’ll want to check is your thermostat’s settings. When this mode is permanently ON, the problem is resolved. Have someone repair or replace it. Check whether your fan is set to On or Auto. The Thermostat Is Faulty. Thermostat issues. Improper placement For instance, if you set your thermostat to 100 degree when it’s below zero outside, your furnace will continue to run and struggle to hit that temperature. You can use HOLD mode to test thermostat operation. The thermostat is in HOLD/STANDBY mode. Your thermostat is on the wrong setting. The average furnace cycles on and off three to six times every hour. Thermostat or fan relay switch problem - Turn the thermostat to OFF. We have Carrier 58VMR oil furnace that is about 4 years old. The second most common reason why your furnace keeps turning on and off frequently is a faulty thermostat. It seems to override the thermostat because if I have the switch "on", the fan will blow regardless of what the thermostat is set to. If it’s On, try setting it to Auto — this will turn the fan off when the temperature reaches the desired setting. This vital component is designed to keep an eye on the gas burner. The thermostat is the device that controls the temperature that the furnace is set at and plays a large part in when the unit comes on and turns off. It runs for short period of time and turns off before the temperature goes above 70. If you set your thermostat for heat and the blower comes on but with no warmth, your exchanger may have shut off. Since a thermostat tells your furnace when to turn off and on, short cycling may be due to an issue with the thermostat, not the furnace. But sometimes, furnaces will begin turning on and off too rapidly to be responding to temperature variations. Please let … My heat is short cycling--ie, heat runs for a few minutes, then shuts off even though it hasn't reached target temp, and then heat comes back on for a while, then repeat. When a furnace turns on and off for very short periods of time, it’s called short cycling. Some thermostats will also auto-dim the screen at certain times of the day or when there is too much light around it. Nest thermostat turns ON AC instead of heat. Thermostat Connection Is Faulty; The thermostat’s connection to the furnace and AC unit may become disconnected. In order to activate your furnace, your thermostat needs to be set to a temperature above your current room temp.

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