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Fallout 4 Cheats List of Stat, Level, Special, and Item ID Commands Cheats allow you to alter your level, Special stats, carry weight, and get any item in infinite quantities. If you have both Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt installed, IDs for characters, objects etc. And for those who are looking for the fallout 4 console commands and cheats, this article is for them. Since there is A LOT of perks in this game, making separate sections for all of them would take a long time to do and would be inefficient. Nuka-World geyser shirt & jeansBlack Prospector’s Hat – Found upstairs in Doc Phosphate’s Saloon in the Dry Rock Gulch Park. accuracy but costs more action points (AP)), Troubleshooter’s – 1F81EC (Does 50% more damage against robots), Two shot – 1CC2AD (Fires an additional projectile), VATS enhanced – 1CC2AA (Improved V.A.T.S. I can carry lots of toys and swing stuff all day long!”, “P is for Perception, a long funny word! The Massachusetts Surgery perk makes any weapon inflict +2% limb damage, stacking for each issue read. You must also add subsequent ranks in each perk manually. Oswald’s Tophat – Random reward for completing A Magical Kingdom quest. ... Once you got the right item based on the code you have in your console, use the command to give the item … I plan to add in any items/perks/mods etc…. Click the "Card View" button to view console commands in an easy-to-read format. Every entry below depicts the commands to be entered into the console and the effect of that specific command and these are arranged in a form of fallout 4 item codes spreadsheet. General console commands. I was... A medium-weight auto/semiauto rifle with high damage, good rate of fire with cheap and plentiful ammo and the most powerful legendary effect, two-shot. Fallout 4; find item id console command? The console is a debugging tool in the Windows version of Fallout 4. (Must be entered without quotation marks, also you can’t stack several mods on a single item, but you can stack over multiple pieces of armour). I use my brain for lots of stuff, like science, math, and art!”, “A is for Agility, that’s how I get around! To clarify, consumables are basically the things that by consuming, changes the activities of the player, these things have an effect on the players in either ways. ... open the command console and type: player.placeatme [item code]. This book will allow you to give yourself an extra a skill point of any attribute of your choice. Pop factory), Fencebuster (found in the Atrium of Vault 118 during the quest Brain Dead), Kiloton Radium Rifle – (Buy from Kane in the Nucleus after joining the Children of Atom), Radical Conversion – (Quest reward for completing Ablutions), Facilities director’s holotape – xx008B43, Mechanist holotape – xx010A56 – xx010A57 – xx010A58, Robot Workbench Schematics 0000254A – xx01133D, RB-2851 Master Control Password – xx001D29, RobCo Sales and Service Center Password – xx008B66, Sentry Bot Gunner Annihilator Mk.II – 0022CDF6, Sentry Bot Active Combat Prototype Mk.IV – 00000A26, Sentry Bot Inactive Combat Protoype Mk.IV – 001091EF, additem 0000000f 2500– Adds 2500 Bottle caps into your stock, additem 0000000a 2500– Adds 2500 Bobby Pins to the player’s stock. I wanted to spawn in 4 or 5 fuseboxes (the one used in Home Plate in Diamond City) so I could power something that's going to be quite costly. With a huge collection of so powerful console commands and cheats, surely … It means that good things always happen to me!”, 2076 World Series Baseball Bat – 000E9A43, Plasma Pistol/Rifle/SG (Random Configuration) – 00100AE9, SentryBotRightRocketLauncher – 000B0F58, 2mm Electromagnetic Cartridge – 0018ABDF, Assassin’s – E6846 (Does 50% more damage against humans), Berserker’s – 1EF5D7 (Deal more damage the lower your Armor Resistance), Bloodied – 1EC036 (Does more damage the lower your health is), Crippling – 1E6D6B (50% more limb damage), Enraging – 1F6AD4 (Critical hits cause target to frenzy), Explosive – 1E73BD (Bullets explode on impact doing 15 points area-of-effect damage), Exterminator’s – 1F81EB (Does 50% more damage against Mirelurks and bugs), Freezing – 1F5479 (Does 10 points cryo damage and will freeze targets on critical hits), Furious – 1EF481 (Increased damage after each consecutive hit on the same target), Ghoul Slayer’s – 1E6847 (Does 50% more damage against ghouls), Hunter’s – 1E6845 (Does 50% more damage against animals), Incendiary – 1E7173 (Sets target on fire for 15 points of damage), Instigating – 1F04B8 (Does double damage if the target is at full health), Irradiated – 1CC469 (Does 50 points additional radiation damage), Junkie’s – 1EB99A (Does increased amounts of damage the more withdrawal effects you are suffering), Kneecapper – 1F1048 (20% chance to cripple the target’s leg), Lucky Weapon – 1CC2A6 (Critical shots do double damage and the critical meter fills 15% faster), Medic’s – 1F109C (Heals target instead of hurting them), Mutant Slayer’s – 1E6848 (Does 50% more damage against Super Mutants), Never Ending – 1CC2AC (Unlimited ammo capacity), Nimble – 1EBABD (Provides 75% faster movement while aiming), Nocturnal – 1E8174 (Does increasing amounts of damage as the night grows longer and less damage during the day), Penetrating – 1F4426 (Ignores 30% of the target’s damage and energy resistance), Plasma Infused – 1F9B4D (Adds 10 points of energy damage and can turn enemies into goo), Poisoner’s – 1F31B9 (Target is poisoned for 10 seconds), Powerful – 1CC2AB (Provides 25% more damage), Quickdraw – 1F1026 (Cost 25% fewer action points (AP)), Rapid – 1EC56D (25% faster fire rate, 15% fast reload), Relentless – 1ED37E (Refills your action points (AP) on a critical hit), Sentinel’s – 1F5995 (Take 15% less damage while standing and not moving), Staggering – 1E81AB (Chance to stagger on hit), Stalker’s – 1F04BD (If you are not yet in combat, increases V.A.T.S. This Fallout 4 Cheats guide will show you how to enable the Console Command and activate cheat codes. GamesCrack.Org. I have provided you with a link which contains all of the perks, ranging from the SPECIAL ones to Temporary perks, such as Well Rested which gives you +10% Experience Points for 12 hours. This page contains PC console commands that can be used in Fallout 4. To use the mod you have added you need to go to a power armour station; press E to craft, select the torso part of the armour, find the Jet Pack mod, then press E to attach the mod. This command will NOT unlock all of the subsequent ranks in a perk. Explore the weapons and armor sets of the first major Fallout 4 expansion Far Harbor with these console command item IDs. I make my friends all laugh and smile, and never want to hate!”, “I is for Intelligence, it means I’m really smart! Here’s the best place! To add a perk you will need to type “player.addperk [PerkID]” (Without the quotation marks). Tgm – God mode, to finish the invulnerability. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Grants the Guns and Bullets perk for each issue read, there are 10 issues in total. This Fallout 4 console commands Items can be utilized to control the game in a wide range of ways. These will NOT disable your steam achievements, but you should use these with caution. Your email address will not be published. I'm curious if there's a way to delete the item forever. Poisoner’s – 001f3072 (+25 poison resistance), Hunter’s – 1F1DEB (Reduces damage from animals by 15%), Low Weight – 001f1e0b (Low carry weight. To add these to your inventory is just like adding a weapon or armour; just type “player.additem ID”, for example, “player.additem 00183578” will add the X-01 Jet Pack Mod to your inventory. Blue Table Lamp 0003F8C0; Fuse 00059ACC; Broken Light Bulb 000342BA; Beaker Stand 000EC8B6; Pre-War Money 00059B02; Cotton Yarn 00060EC0; Dishrag 000A4920; Flight Data Recorder 0013A3E0; Coffee Cup 000211C4; Clean Coffee Cup 00171947; Saucer 0019269B; Deep Range Transmitter 00086874; Wooden Solider Toy 00191E93; … 02000F20). Fallout 4 PC Item Codes to Spawn Weapons, Ammo, Materials, Vanity and unique items.

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